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City & Culture


City & Culture

“Dirtier than dirty, uglier than ugly and hotter than hell”

is how one guide book described Managua before recommending that tourists leave the capital for the colonial towns. We contend that author didn’t know the locals! The truth is that the most interesting places are the ones pockmarked with scars, each one telling a story. If you know where to look, Managua weaves the tale of Nicaragua: from 6,000 year-old footprints to Howard Hughes’ old haunts to torture chambers to ghosted murals to a revolutionary Ouija board. Managua is an affordable treasure trove of art, culture, history, and architecture, come explore with us on our custom tours.


Fine dining

Nicaraguan food is delicious. From baho, to nacatamales, to carne asada there is something for everyone. On nearly every block you can find a home that sells some kind of Nicaraguan dish that is always worth trying. Street vendors sell crunchy snacks and full meals. If you want to enjoy a more formal setting, Managua has excellent restaurants for traditional food. Ranging from home cooked to fine dining in quality, presentation, and cost.



Whether you want to find a great deal at an open air market or shop for world known brands at the mall, Managua has got you covered. It is such a joy to wander around the market and see all the fascinating crafts and produce you can buy. Haggling is culturally acceptable, but remember this is people’s livelihood.


Night life

Managua has a great night life. No matter what you’re into, we’ve got you covered: discos, clubs, bars, out door food parks, there’s always a friendly environment where you can find what you’re looking for and enjoy the world’s best rum.


Music Venues

Nicaraguan music is beautiful, unique and eclectic. Dozens of concerts take place in small venues all over town on any day/night. You can enjoy traditional Nicaraguan music, latino trova, or find bands that cover more familiar international music.